What are the benefits of counselling?

My approach is psychoanalytically informed, based on the idea that we develop patterns of thinking and relating to others which are influenced by our earliest experiences. It can help to understand how family history, as well as culture, race and class may affect the sense we have of ourselves and our view of the kind of life and relationships we can have. Often we are not aware of these influences and yet they play a part in how we behave and relate to others and ourselves.

In our work together, I will listen very carefully to explore and try to understand with you the less conscious aspects of what you bring. Developing insight can lead to self-discovery and free you to live a more fulfilling and contented life.

I do not offer advice but a safe place in which to face emotional difficulties with help, within the framework of a reliable and supportive therapeutic relationship.

With greater insight, you can develop the confidence to make new choices, to manage your life more effectively and to move on.

Getting help is a positive step.

I work with individuals and couples, irrespective of age, race, culture, personal beliefs, sexual orientation or social background.

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