Online Couple Therapy and Relationship Therapy

What is online relationship therapy ?

Online counselling provides confidential, specialised and professional therapy via your computer, iPad or mobile phone. The session takes place just like any face-to-face session and the quality of the help you get is the same.

Many couples already using online counselling services say that the quality of help they receive is excellent and that the feeling of connection between them and their therapist is as good.“

I use a secure video link via a platform called Zoom which is easy to use and has a high standard of data security and confidentiality. To use Zoom you will need to make sure that your device has a webcam, microphone and speakers. You will need a reliable internet connection

If you are accessing your session from a mobile device such as phone or tablet, please ensure you have at least 3G/4G connection.
Can Individuals have online therapy?

Yes. Online therapy can be very helpful for certain people, especially those who find it difficult to get babysitters, carers, and those who are housebound or disabled.

You are not restricted in your choice of therapist by geographical location.
What is the first step?

The first step is to book an initial consultation by phone, email or the form on this page initially to discuss your situation and the best way forward.

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